.::My Weekly Schedule::.
Monday EEC LAB 10:40 - 12:30
Wednesday EEE 103 15:40 - 17:30
Thursday CENG 113 10:40 - 12:30

      R. A. Ufuk AYDAN
Research Interests:
Computer Networks, Operating Systems, ISO/IEC 12207 Software Life Cycle Processes, Data Structures
Short Biography:
Ufuk AYDAN graduated from Department of Computer Engineering at Çankaya University. He completed his studies for the Master Degree in Computer Engineering Department of Çankaya University. He participated several academic projects. He continues his PhD program in Computer Engineering Department of Hacettepe University. He has been coping with his duties as a Research Assistant in University of Turkish Aeronautical Association since 2015.
e-mail: ufuk.aydan[at]ceng.thk.edu.tr
Phone: 444 84 58 - 6052
Office: 143